Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions

2017 Winter Awards Dinner | Richmond, Virginia
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The Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions (VAPDC) is an organization comprised of the 21 Planning District Commissions/Regional Councils in Virginia. VAPDC works to bring diverse resources together at the regional level in partnership with local, state, and federal entities to strengthen regions and the Commonwealth.

The purpose of the Association is to promote coordination and cooperation among the Commonwealth's Planning District Commissions/Regional Councils to heighten their effectiveness and efficiency; provide mutual assistance and the exchange of ideas; and otherwise promote understanding for how PDCs/RCs can help save their regions and the Commonwealth time and money.

VAPDC’s activities include: Two annual conferences (Winter and Summer); an annual meeting with State Agency heads; the formal and informal exchange of ideas and best practices; relationship building and interaction amongst the individual PDCs/RCs and various state agencies; PDC/RC staff training opportunities; and much more.

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