Communications Committee

Chair: Chip Boyles,
Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission

The VAPDC Communications Committee meets as needed and guides VAPDC’s external communications including website, newsletters, press releases, and other promotional items needed by the Association.

Environmental Committee

Environmental Committee

Chair: Lewis Lawrence,
Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission

The VAPDC Environmental Committee consists of planning staff associated with environmental, energy and water resources work from each of the PDCs. The Committee meets as needed during the year to exchange information related to all things environmental, from stormwater regulations, TMDL issues, energy, state related environmental programming and relevant statewide issues in watershed plan implementation. The Committee continues to work to increase the communication between PDC staff and the state departments that impact environmental issues.

Legislative Committee

Chair: David Blount,
Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission

The VAPDC Legislative Committee reviews appropriate legislative issues, primarily at the General Assembly level and recommends policies and positions to the Board of Directors. The committee also reviews bills and budget items for impact items of interest, arranges testimony as appropriate before General Assembly committees while legislation is being considered, and organizes and assists PDCs in efforts to promote communication with Senators, Delegates and Administration leaders.

Program Subcommittees
  • Summer Conference: Wayne Strickland, Billy Martin, Jim Baldwin, Gail Moody

  • Winter Meeting: Jim Baldwin

  • Agency Meeting: Bonnie Riedesel, Gary Christie, Bob Crum

  • Awards: Gail Moody, Wayne Strickland, Denny Morris

  • Training Conference: Chip Boyles, John Madera, Brandon Davis

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Martha Shickle,
Richmond Regional Planning District Commission

The Strategic Planning Committee works on the annual strategic planning initiative for the organization. Tasks include working with consultant; updating the plan on an ongoing basis; scheduling an annual Leadership Retreat and creating an agenda for the retreat; and ensuring identified tasks filter to the appropriate committees for implantation.

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