Event Archives


2020 VAPDC Winter Meeting in Richmond, Virginia

2019 VAPDC 50th Anniversary Celebration Reception in Richmond, Virginia

2018 VAPDC Agency Appreciation Reception in Richmond, Virginia Opportunity to Connect and Recognize Virginia's Agency Leadership


2017 Winter Awards Dinner in Richmond, Virginia Facilitating Collaboration in Virginia's Diverse Regions


2016 Winter Conference in Richmond, Virginia A Regional Approach to Virginia's New Economy


2015 Winter Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia A Regional Approach to Virginia's Workforce Challenges and Opportunities



2019 VAPDC/VAMPO Training Conference in Charlottesville, Viginia

2018 VAMPO/VAPDC Annual Training Conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia

2017 VAPDC Training Conference in Glen Allen, Virginia

2016 VAPDC Training Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia

  • Conference was made up of three concurrent Sessions: Finance Network, GIS/Technology, Transportation


2015 Training Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia


2020 VAPDC Summer Series: Four Thursdays in July


2019 VAPDC Summer Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia

2018 VAPDC Summer Conference in Roanoke, Virginia Leveraging Your Region’s Assets for Success

2017 Summer Conference in Norfolk, Virginia Creating Opportunities through Regional Collaboration

2016 Summer Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia Growing Opportunity in Virginia's Region


2015 Summer Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia Working with our Local, State, and Federal Partners to Promote Regional Collaboration