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2023 Virginia Partner Profiles


All Points Broadband

All Points is the largest and fastest growing rural-facing Internet service provider in the mid-Atlantic and a three-time honoree (in 2018-2020) on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing privately held companies. We empower communities by bringing utility grade broadband to underserved markets, and presently offer service in several market areas in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky. In the past six months, All Points has secured more than $50 million in state and federal grants and other stakeholder contributions to deploy broadband networks in partnership with underserved counties and electric utility partners in Virginia. In the most recent Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) cycle, All Points partnered with the Northern Neck Planning District Commission for a successful, universal FTTH project across five counties that serves as the example for how to leverage partnerships between PDCs, electric utilities, and an ISP to close the digital divide.

Contact our FTTH team:



The Berkley Group

The Berkley Group is a 360-degree local government consulting firm with experts specializing in planning and community development, environmental planning, GIS, public involvement, and group facilitation. We bring a collaborative approach to our projects with an array of professional resources. Our staff have over a century of direct experience in local government which spans multiple states and numerous localities. We understand the variety of challenges confronting local governments, because we have worked in local government and continue to serve them proudly. 

Contact Information: Andrew D. Williams, AICP,


GigaBeam Networks

GigaBeam Networks is one of the largest locally owned and operated internet service providers in southwest Virginia.  In our 25-year history we have provided IT and connectivity solutions throughout the region.  In 2021 with our partners, Appalachian Power and Grayson County, we began construction of the nation’s first utility leverage fiber to the home project to provide the best in connectivity to one of the most rural counties in Virginia.  GigaBeam is currently working and planning over $200 million in projects to solve the digital divide throughout southwest Virginia and beyond working with PDC’s as well as federal, state, and local government and electric utilities.



The Olson Group, Ltd

The Olson Group, Ltd. is one of the nation’s leading emergency management and homeland security service providers, now in its 17th year delivering preparedness assistance across America. Virginia-based, with headquarters in Alexandria, OGL provides planning, training and exercise support to cities, counties and regional planning agencies across the Commonwealth, as well as to VDEM and other state departments.  Our professional staff, drawn from the ranks of emergency managers and first responders, is sensitive to the diverse requirements of Virginia’s many communities. The Olson Group is readily available to Virginia public entities on a simple task order basis through the VDEM Emergency Services Consulting Contract.  OGL is honored to be a VAPDC Virginia Partner.  

Contact: Call us at (703) 518-9982


RiverStreet Networks

RiverStreet Networks (RSN) began as an extension of Wilkes Communications, a telephone cooperative  in Wilkes County, NC.  After more than 70 years of providing telecommunications services and enhancing Wilkes County with an all active, Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network Wilkes Communications wanted to continue the trend of access to High-Speed Internet in Rural America by branching out. RSN  was awarded $32 million in CAF Phase II (Connect America Funds) for 77 high-cost census block groups. RSN was then awarded over $41 million in the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) in 2022.  In the recent DHCD VATI round, RSN was awarded over $125 million in VATI funds. With the funding received so far in Virginia RSN will be installing the latest generation of FTTH network across 16 Counties.  In addition to these Federal and State Funds, RSN and their County partners have secured over $133 million.  The total FTTH network  is estimated to cost in excess of $333 million to build over 6,300 route miles of fiber and pass more than 68,000 locations. RSN is dedicated to excellence in customer service and adding value to the lives of our customers and the communities we serve.

Contact our Business Development Team:

Website: or 


Virginia Governor's Housing Conference (VAGHC)

The Virginia Governor's Housing Conference has a broad range of attendees from many professional sectors including nonprofit organizations, foundations and other philanthropic donors, affordable housing developers, economic developers, local government elected officials, design professionals, financial institutions, government agencies, private developers, real estate professionals, educational institutions, trade organizations, community-based and faith-based organizations, and public housing providers. The conference consistently attracts more than 800 affordable housing advocates, providers and policy makers to discuss a host of important issues affecting all Virginians.

Contact: Amanda Love,



VACORP is here for you. We know the risks you face. Established in 1993 at the request of Virginia counties seeking an alternative insurance program, we are a comprehensive risk management program that addresses all sources of potential risk for Virginia political subdivisions. Now, VACORP provides coverage to more local governmental entities and agencies than any other provider. Because of our strength in numbers, we provide you with predictability of risks and stability of pricing. This gives you peace of mind. We are here for you, whenever you need us.

Contact: Kathleen Guzi,



Virginia Resources Authority
VRA provides innovative and cost-effective financial solutions to meet the infrastructure needs of communities. From water and sewer improvements to transportation and public safety projects, VRA is available to assist local governments and regional authorities with affordable financing for all their capital improvement needs. Since its inception in 1984, VRA has provided over $10 billion of financing for more than 2,000 infrastructure projects across Virginia.

Contact: Stephanie Jones,

Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA)

VRSA is here to protect our members and their employees so they may effectively serve their communities.

We are committed to financial strength to ensure stable rates.  VRSA is also committed to easing our members’ worries.  We do this by scanning for emerging risks arising out of new challenges or changed circumstances, keeping our members informed, and developing a dedicated, professional staff.  Our comprehensive coverages, and robust tools and resources allow members to proactively manage their risk.

Contact: Peter Stephenson Email:


Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC)

The  Virginia Tourism Corporation promotes travel to Virginia, as well as filming in Virginia through the Virginia Film Office.  The Virginia Tourism Corporation assists Virginia communities in realizing their economic potential through tourism marketing, product and community development, planning and financial assistance.  The Virginia Tourism Corporation is the organization behind the Virginia is for Lovers brand, one of the most recognized travel brands in the world.  

Contact: Steve Galyean  Email:
Websites: and

The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service is reimagining public service, built on our values of access, collaboration, communities, and impact by combining decades of knowledge to empower communities and engage local and regional government. We are proud to have advanced these goals since 1931, and now as part of the University of Virginia, our five teams collaborate with organizations at all levels to address the public service needs of the future. Recognizing the challenges of 21st century governance, our mission is to deliver public impact research and leadership development to build the capacity of Virginia’s communities and organizations to serve the Commonwealth.

As part of our mission, we strive to be a model of inclusive excellence for everyone in our spectrum of leadership, community, and civic engagement. We are committed to producing impact-driven work for individuals, organizations, governmental bodies, and communities who seek to serve the public good. We provide innovative training and leadership development for people serving the public at local and state government, as well as public impact research for the decisions those leaders need to make – illustrating democracy in action.


Contact Michael Phillips,


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